Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences
Rohtak, Haryana, 124001, India.
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Actually, it's much more than "a place where Doctors live in a hostel accommodation". The comfortable single seater hostel rooms with a large balcony are unmatched by most of the hostels all over India. Unlike most other hostels, this is the place where you can study and have social interaction also with your peers.

Who can forget the common room with its geo-political discussions, carrom-board games, the "Chitrahaar" on TV while sipping "Chaaye" (Tea) from the canteen, or the jam-packed once in a blue moon RDA meeting when female members of the RDA also attend. Or the evening time social gatherings for "Time-pass".

It will be gross injustice to the cooks of the cooperative messes there, if we did not write about their perfect meals. In fact, when interviewed, several former Resident doctors had lots of praises for the meals and said that the best part of their medical education career was in this Doctors' Hostel.

  PGIMS Rohtak: Dostors' Hostel -     Total 8 Blocks of 345 Rooms
at a
  a.k.a. Sheesh Mahal  
Rms 1-60 Rms 61-120 Rms 121-180 Rms 181-195 Rms 196-210 Rms 211-225 Rms 226-285 Rms 286-345
  Sr. Resident Doctors get partially furnished 2 room Flats in a separate Sr. Residents' Block.
Common Rm: TV, Radio Carrom various Newspapers & Magazines Tel no:
  Table Tennis Badminton Court (open) VolleyBall Court (open) STD/ISD/Photocopy
  Cafeteria Cooperative Mess: 3    
Supdt. Dr. HK Aggarwal;   Reader, Dept of Medicine
Secretary usually RDA Secy. is the Common Room/Hostel Secy also.
Contact for
RDA   President Vice P. Secretary Treasurer
Name Dr Sushil Mangla Dr Brahmdeep Dr Ram Mehar Dr Sanjeev Gupta
Position S/R Onco-Surgery S/R Psychiatry Dem. Physiology S/R Skin & VD
Tel no.        
Legend: Supdt- Superintendent; S/R- Senior Resident; Dem- Demonstrator

Pt. B D Sharma PGIMS, Rohtak.